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Not So Profound (beta) is an indie newsletter dedicated to covering psychedelics, spirituality, and our peculiar love affair with the universe.

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We passionately handcraft each edition in an entertaining manner, intending to offer you an infusion of delight during your busy day — all in less than <5-10 minutes of reading per issue.

It is written & curated by Dr. D — a Professional Psychonaut and Flâneur with a penchant for dirty humor, and his trusty sidekick, Mustafa a praying mantis, and former Mormon turned atheist, with a slick mustache and multiple degrees in nihilism from a now-defunct Online University.

Not So Profound — a  hand curated newsletter for those interested in Psychedelics & Spirituality.
Dr. D and his Mantis-bro & sidekick Mustafa go on frequent cosmic adventures in order to curate each edition of Not So Profound for your reading pleasure.

The duo goes on frequent, off-the-beaten-path cosmic adventures together in search of wisdom & insights that expand your consciousness and nourish your soul — then, filters everything through decades of personal experience, and distills it all into an entertaining email digest just for you.

Thousands of highly engaged readers find Not So Profound to be a delightfully unique perspective not found anywhere else in the galaxy.

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Other than that... you might be thinking...

Why did you start NSP?

Our mission is to override social conditioning, heal, and free humanity from the clutches of the hive mind — one reader at a time.

The primary motivation for starting NSP is to organize a passionate community of like-minded individuals from around the world, so we can stand together for what we believe in, and if necessary, mobilize toward shared causes to help make a difference, together.

It's so we could band together as a tribe and heal together, regardless of who you are or where you are.

Plus, we're already obsessed with psychedelics & spirituality, so this doesn't even feel like work.

You could be wondering...

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We source and curate Not So Profound from thousands of hours of research & decades of personal experience.

Besides having decades of experience, we actively spend an obnoxious amount of time researching, experimenting, talking to experts, and attending events — and then we synthesize it all into fun, bite-sized, entertaining content before it's delivered directly to you.

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